Opus 2 – Died to Save (Voice and Piano)

Recorded on 3/22/12 by David Zartman (Voice) and Travis Mallett (Piano) at the WSU Recording Studio.

Program Notes

I recall my ponderings of the Fall of 2011 as a conscious realization of my own sinfulness in contrast to God’s amazing, saving grace. Contemplating Romans 5:8, “But God demonstrates His love for us in this: while we were still sinners Christ died for us,” the only appropriate response was adoration and worship of my Savior. I wrote this song as a direct expression of my reflections at the time. The lyrics begin by introspectively lamenting my own inability to do good but resting in the assurance I am saved not because of any works of my own, but solely through the shedding of Christ’s blood as an atonement for my sins. Each verse progresses towards the ultimate goal of worshiping God and the final chorus is a literal expression of worship.

This song also marks my first serious interest in musical composition. The gap between my first composition, Vo Obnefé, and this piece is ten years and represents tremendous development in style and texture. Text expression through structure is an important underlying element of this composition. The melody in the verses is confined to a perfect fifth and accompanied by dark harmonic material that represents the introspective analysis of my heart. The choruses then open up melodically and contain more supportive texture with brief excursions that tonicize ♭III as the lyrics recognize the implications of the freedom in Christ, hope of sharing with the world, and desire to worship God. Finally, the song builds to the literal act of worship that climaxes by giving God the glory. The song ends harmonically on ♭III which represents the fulfillment of the promised tonicization in the choruses. The closing “glory” is especially important since the end result of our salvation is ultimately for the glory of God.

I dedicated this piece to my grandpa, James D. Huber three months before he passed away in the summer of 2012. Died to Save is now a constant reminder of my grandfather’s ascension to be with his Savior.

 Sheet Music

Travis Mallett, Opus 2 – Died to Save (Score)
Travis Mallett, Opus 2 – Died to Save (Vocal Part)

Video Score

Travis Mallett, Opus 2 – Died To Save (Video Score) from Travis Mallett on Vimeo.


By Travis Mallett (2011)

Verse 1:
Without the cross, I have all fears. I cannot wash my sins with tears.
For lustful thought and wicked deed, condemned to die, I should indeed.

Chorus 1:
But I know you died to save me.
Through your gift of unfailing love,
from these chains I’ve been set free!
Cause you, you died to save me (save me).

Verse 2:
Within His grace, I sin and fall. My life shows not His love for all.
Do other see, through me the light? I do not shine with all my might.

Chorus 2:
But I know you died to save me.
Transformed, I’ve been made new.
Let me shine where all can see!
That you, you died to save me (save me).

Verse 3:
Although I’m bought and have been saved, my sinful lips forget to praise.
Despite my soul to Him is owed, my all in all I do withhold.

Chorus 3:
But I know you died to save me.
I now turn, and give you the praise
This is why I lift my voice!

Cause you, you died to save me.
And to you, the Lamb, be the glory.
Let your name be lifted high!
To you, the Lamb, be the glory.
Let your name be lifted high!

Glory! Honor! Praise Him!
He has redeemed our souls!

This I know: you died to save me.
And to you, the Lamb, be the glory (glory).