Opus 3, No. 1 – I’m a Soldier (Praise Song)

Recorded on 3/22/12 and 11/19/12 by Arden Sokglund (Voice) and Travis Mallett (Piano) at the WSU Recording Studio.

Program Notes

Some hymns have become classics because of both word and melody, and others have remained in obscurity for one reason or another. While browsing through a hymn book, I became aware of the vast body of hymns that have great texts but are never sung, and I hypothesized that in many cases, it is perhaps because the musical content was simply boring. I thus began, what I intended to be a large project of reviving some great old hymns by giving the words new musical scenery. I chose to begin with I’m a Soldier, written by John W. Peterson for it’s active language that seemed to beg for a more upbeat musical treatment than its current state. Unfortunately, I was intent on forcing the words to fit the melody I choose, rather than the other way around, so the text included here is a modified version of Peterson’s original hymn. This piece uses an upbeat texture that I hope more accurately represents the text and portrays the excitement.

Sheet Music

Travis Mallett, Opus 3, No. 1 – I’m a Soldier (Piano)
Travis Mallett, Opus 3, No. 1 – I’m a Soldier (Lead Sheet)