Mel Shiner

I have been asked to write a little about Mel Shiner and wondered if it were possible to write “a little” which would not just scratch the surface of the Mel Shiner legend. So, I’m about to scratch the surface, here goes.

I first met Mel when he was working at a radio station (which, for all kinds of reasons will remain unidentified!) He was presenting several features and shows as completely different people! Mel would finish one show and then hand over to another DJ who had a totally different voice, a totally different style and a completely different attitude to life….both of these DJ’s were Mel!   Someone from the radio station leaked the “Double DJ” story to the press but Mel convinced everyone that the story was ridiculous and gave several logical reasons as to why the situation could not exist including mentioning the rumour on the air and discussing it with the “other DJ” and someone from the radio station’s management – you’ve guessed it, all three were Mel! During this period of multiple on-air personalities, Mel would cover the studio webcams so the illusion remained a success.

Mel has always maintained he does not perform impersonations but everyone who knows his incredible repertoire will disagree. Mel’s voice has been used on countless TV productions, radio features and advertisements, his “Deep Movie Trailer Voice” still has me and millions of others completely entranced.

Mel says:  “This is just a voice I create; my real voice is so high pitched only dogs can hear it. I can also bark when the need arises.”

 Mel’s movie trailer voice is in great demand along with other characters he can perform so well, everything from high to low, gruff to gentle, accents, dialects…well, my brief description of “Mel the Voice Man” has already become much longer than I intended,  A common question about Mel is “What does he look like?” I’ve only seen him once without hat and sunglasses – and did not realize who he was! Having asked that question, does anyone actually know what he sounds like on his day off?

-Gerry Madrid


Mel Shiner can be found offering superb voice over gigs at Fiverr: